Sanitary District

Wolf River Sanitary District

Construction of the Wolf River Sanitary District began in 1998 and was completed in 1999. The system was designed to handle 38,600 gallons of sewage daily. 

The Town Board of Fremont appointed a three member Sanitary District Board, which is responsible for the operation of the district.

All homes and businesses within the sanitary district are required to be hooked to the sewer system. No private septic tanks are allowed.

As of August 1, 2012 the hook-up fee is approximately $15,000 for residential users outside of the Grey Goose subdivision development and $4,510 within the Grey Goose development.

Currently all single family customers pay a quarterly fee of $120.00. All metered commercial or business accounts discharging domestic type sewage pay $9.00 per 1,000 gallons used.

The Wolf River Sanitary District currently serves 109 single family dwellings and 12 businesses for total of 131 accounts.


Tim Landreman

N1116 County Road H
Fremont, WI  54940
(920) 446-3336


Harley Bartel

E7354 Red Banks Road
Fremont, WI  54940
(920) 446-3231


Ward Weiss

N215 County Rd. H
Fremont, WI  54940
(920) 446-3243

Orihula Sanitary District



Dennis Fuerst

8812 River Trail Drive
Fremont, WI 54940
(920) 446-3841


Keith Beckman

8961 Riverview Lane
Fremont, WI 54940
(920) 446-3730


Robert Nenahlo

2631 North Meade Street
Appleton, WI 54911
(920) 739-7202