Recycling Carts!

Recycling carts were delivered Tuesday, December 31, 2019.

Originally scheduled for the first week of May 2020, they have arrived a bit earlier than anticipated! An early gift!

Instead of using your own containers, bins, cans, you’ll now have a new 95 gallon cart to use for your recycling needs. The cart has a green lid to identify it for recycling use.

Everything will continue as normal – recycling is still every other Friday. The same guidelines apply as the garbage cart – the cart is the responsibility of the property owner. You are leasing this cart from Harter’s each month. If the cart is lost or stolen, the cost to replace the cart is $75.00. If you move, do not take the cart with you. The cart will stay with the property.

Any questions, please feel free to contact the Clerk at 920.667.4446.

Have a great 2020!!